Annie and Jenni Leeds Liverpool Canal Walk

They did it!!! Well done to Annie and Jenni!

A huge congratulations goes out to Annie and Jenni as they have returned from their 127 mile walk along The Leeds Liverpool Canal. They said it was lovely to have now seen the full length of the canal and all the beautiful scenery surrounding it. The walk wasn’t without it’s difficulties as the pair battled through rainy weather and blistered feet to complete the challenge. They said that two things helped them along, one was God and worshiping Him on the way and the other was the sponsors they received, it was a great encouragement to keep them going. 

With the sale from st Andrews and the sponsors we have received so far we are well on the way to our £5000 target. We would love to reach this target and we have some very exciting things coming up to tell you about that this money would help fund. So if you haven’t had the chance to sponsor them yet then it’s not too late you can donate directly to IAP through a bank transfer or you can hand in cash or a cheque to the IAP office.