Easter In Another Place

Everything feels very different at the moment and as we all try to work out what life is going to look like for the near future, Easter may take a bit of a back seat in our minds but here at In Another Place we want to change that.
The Easter story is a story of new life and hope and I think we can all agree that’s the kind of story we need right now. Something that can bring us together and bring peace.
Unfortunately the current situation means we can’t celebrate Easter on Crosby beach this year so we are going to have to celebrate Easter In Another Place (Pun fully intended!) SO how are we going to do this, well we are asking people to make crosses out of anything and everything, they can be as simple as placing items in the shape of a cross or could be full on artistic creations, anything is possible. Please post them on social media with the hashtag #EasterInAnotherPlace or email them to admin@inanotherplace.com We want to fill social media with pictures of the cross to remind people of Easter in a different way.