Liverpool Passion Choirs

This page is for Choirs involved in Liverpool Passion, and everything you need should be here.

Song words and notes are in the Director’s file. This main page contains backing tracks and full choir which you may use in rehearsals. On the TEACHING TRACKS link are tracks for the leader to use and contain each broken down harmony. If you can include some harmonies that will be great, but if not, learning the melody is sufficient. Enthusiasm and smiles are also required!

Click Here for Liverpool Passion Choir Teaching Tracks

Liverpool Passion Choir Lyrics

From Now On Backing Track

From Now On Full Choir

God of Miracles Backing Track

God of Miracles Full Choir

Imela Backing Track

Imela Full Choir

Full Song Clapping Hands

I Will Follow Him Backing Track

I Will Follow Him Full Choir