The Virtual Pilgrim Walk Continued

When lockdown hit again we continued our virtual pilgrim walk around the world and now have a map to show our route through America, South America, Africa and some more of Europe.

The map shows the route of the walk, with any ‘stops’ circled.

Click on a stop to see what we found out or who we met: if the circle turns yellow, that means we met a person from that country!


  • It works best in FULLSCREEN, click the ‘go fullscreen’ button in the middle for an immersive experience.
  • Click and drag to move the map around.
  • You can zoom in by clicking the + and – in the bottom right.
  • You can navigate around the map by looking at the minimap in the bottom left.
  • You can type in a country name using the search box in the top left.
  • To get rid of a window, click the x in the top left, or press esc key