The Virtual Pilgrim Walk

Annie and Jenni were planning to do a sponsored walk in London in 2020, however due to coronavirus and the lockdown the plans for this changed and we set off on a virtual pilgrimage instead. We started recording the miles people were walking as part of their daily exercise and plotted a route. When we began we thought we might be able to get to London via a stop at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm where Annie’s parents live.

Well we managed that and then some! It quickly became an international trip with stops around the world! Using zoom we had calls with people from lots of different countries and have learnt so much about different cultures across the globe. You can see where we’ve been and find out more on this map.

The map shows the route of the walk, with any ‘stops’ circled.

Click on a stop to see what we found out or who we met: if the circle turns yellow, that means we met a person from that country!


  • It works best in FULLSCREEN, click the ‘go fullscreen’ button in the middle for an immersive experience.
  • Click and drag to move the map around.
  • You can zoom in by clicking the + and – in the bottom right.
  • You can navigate around the map by looking at the minimap in the bottom left.
  • You can type in a country name using the search box in the top left.
  • To get rid of a window, click the x in the top left, or press esc key