Reflection Zone

Taste and see that God is good! We have a God who is love but what is love if we don't experience it? God is not a distant God but a 'hands on' Father who wants to know us and who wants us to know Him for his love. Reflection Zone provides an opportunity for those who want to experience the God who made us and find out whether he matches up to what he says about himself. You can meet with God in your own home, just by seeking him with your whole heart and you can join us on Thursdays to find out more with us. 

Many people who have come to Reflection Zone have encountered God in miraculous ways through healing and spiritual experiences and we have begun keeping an account of the different things that have happened. 

Description: 'Taste and see that God is Good' - A time to discover who God is and experience his love & presence for those who want to find out more
Times: Thursday 3:15pm - 3:45pm
Location: Meet at 3pm in the In Another Place Unit (Bootle Strand)