The Easter Experience - 2023

The Easter Experience was a walk through performance of the Easter Story, retelling the events that led to Jesus’ death and resurrection and every time we rehearsed or performed, God revealed something new about who he was, what he had done for us and even who we are to him. It was an extremely special time shared with the cast, all those who helped to make it possible and the audience members themselves. Being amid the bustle of daily life in the corridors of The Strand Shopping Centre added a reality to the events that would be missed in a private setting. This was a story that took place in the streets of a bustling city, catching the attention of passers by just as it did in our performances in Bootle Strand! Many people from the shopping centre engaged as did many from local churches and together we celebrated the God who stepped into his creation, to meet his people and do everything required to restore the intimacy he so desires to have with us. Thank you to everyone who was involved, who stood with us in prayer and who came to participate in the celebration of the greatest event in history!

”It was joyous, I felt the emotion of it all. I knew I had to come today”

“Thank you for Bringing Jesus to The Strand”

Walk through ‘The Easter Experience’ and discover the original story in Bootle Strand. Meet the people closest to the action and find out how the darkest night was turned into the brightest dawn. 

The Easter Experience will take you through the final hours of a story that has impacted human history across the centuries, all around the globe! Suitable for all ages, this free performance lasts 45mins and starts in the castle, above Iceland. Are you ready to Experience Easter? Come to the Easter Experience to find out more!